Friday, March 22, 2013

The Word of God Shall Stand Forever!!

The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.
Isaiah 40:8

One of my favorite verses!! Read this verse a hundred times, no make that a thousand! Read it all you like and it will never grow old. It has lasted for years and years, always standing through the thick and the thin. People have tried to prove it other wise, but were not able to do so. Why!? Because it is the Word of God. No matter what people do to try to change it or make it something different, it won't happen, it's impossible. It is like trying to take the moon out of the sky, or drain the ocean of its gallons of water. It is like trying to stop a tornado in its path, or to tell a fish to live on land. It just can't be done! Things shall come and go. Lives fade away while new ones are being born. There is a constant run of everything working together to make the world go round. How would the plants grow if there was no sun? Everything has a purpose, working together so that we can live. The Lord didn't just think up of something fast when he made you and me. He put much thought into us. He knew that us humans would cause him much grief, disown Him as the Father that He is to us. Yet He still created each and everyone of us. Why?! He wanted to have someone to talk to. A friend, so he created you and me and gave us every privilege that we could wish for and so much more!!! He gave us the Bible, His Word that will stand forever!! It shows us a exactly what we need to know to be able to stand strong in this dark age. A road map that shows us the way to Heaven. Still so many people get caught in the snare of the devil, making this world their home. If they only knew!! If we could somehow tell them before it is too late. This world is not our home, we are just passing through!! We must not look to the left neither to the right. We must be faithful till The Lord comes and takes us home! Oh my heart swells with in me when I think of that wonderful place where there will be no dying. A place that everyone loves each other and that we can call HOME!! I could go on forever. The late hours of the night are upon me, but I cannot sleep, so I lay awake thinking of all the many different things that can run through ones mind. The world is dying! There is nothing, and I say nothing that would keep me here. I long for only one thing, and that is to be with my Father again in heaven. We get so busy, but we must stop and take the time to thank The Lord for all the many things he had done for us. Like one quote goes "what if we woke up the next morning with only the things we remembered to thank the Lord for?" Remember to thank Him for the little things, not only the big things!! Whether it is just thanking Him for the air you have to breath, or that you woke up in perfect health. He does so much for us and we forget to thank Him for it! I must get off now, I fear I might be here till I see light on the horizon if I don't! I love you all and don't forget, God's Word never changes!! It is eternal and will be forever!! And one more thing, don't forget to thank Him for the little things. :)

Your blogger and friend.. :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

::my day::

What I did today...

I clipped a dog that I usually clip through the summer. Haven't seen him since last fall and he was in bad need of a cut.

I enjoyed listening to part of the Third Seal while clipping him... the advantages of having a brother that puts surround sound in the dog room!! :) This week Brother Joseph is having us listen to one Seal a day. So far I have been getting them all listened too! :)

This afternoon I took Irene to Benson to pick up a "few" things that she needed. We ended up in Walmart with a heaping cart of stuff that was nearly running over. I was glad of the free trip into town, cuz I needed to pick up some things as well. Got home and walked the dogs 1.5 miles.

So far that is what my day consisted of.. What did you all do today??

Monday, March 18, 2013

Containing Koda

Koda 6 weeks
As most of you probably already know, I got a German Shepherd puppy last march. I got him AKC registered, six weeks old and full.. I mean "full" of energy. At times I didn't think we would survive "puppy stage"!!

  I did thankfully and Koda is now a very big puppy. He still has lots of energy and needs to be contained while I am away and not there to keep an eye on him. We have lots of kennels, but that's not the problem. He has gotten too smart and learnt how to open gates or escape in some manner, so I decided to build him a pen.
A Pen large enough that I don't mind leaving him in when we go on vacation and tough enough that he can't escape. I went out back and found a pile of "old" lumber (which means the pen isn't straight at spots because of twisted lumber.) But it was free, so I made due and tried to over look that part. I went through the pile and picked out the lumber that wasn't too bad. Justin was nice enough plant all seven posts for me. I had help from a few smaller siblings at time too.

Ok... you'll have to over look the mess, cause when I build things, things lay everywhere. I am not very organized in that area. I had an idea how I wanted it and the one thing I wanted was his dog house to be off the ground. I had Justin put in three poles, so I could go ahead and start on that.

I got that finished and then he went ahead and put in the other posts. I don't have any wire to work with and the object is to build it for free (minus a couple things like, screws, saw blade, etc..). I didn't want to spend any money on fencing, so I...
... used more lumber!! :) Believe me.. it is time consuming, but I think it will keep him in. :) I hope :-/ More like it better keep him in!! He should appreciate all I am doing for him and with that thought he should be nice enough not to try to get out!! :)

I will post a picture once it is completed.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

:: a year of silence ::

Hi Everyone!! I am back!!

They said the world was round, but I found out it was flat when I fell off the edge. :-/ jk lol I have one great excuse for not posting in a year, I was preoccupied with... work. That small 4 letter word that says so much. I know you guys probably don't even check my blog any more! I don't blame you for running away!! Just don't run too far, "WARNING" you might fall off too!! :)

So much has happened since I posted last that I hardly know where to begin. First of all I now have a iPhone 4s that I am really enjoying. The "blog app" makes it so easy for me to put a quick update on at times, so I am going to try to do a little bit better at keeping you all posted. :) Miss spellings and words that don't make sense?? Blame that all on my phone!! :) I am going to try my best, but my phone (which we are now going to call stubborn at the moment) has it's own mind and sometimes changes the word I put down into something that totally doesn't make sense, and If I am in a hurry I will look right over it not even notice it.

Well that's all for now... I don't know if I should start posting about the past or just forget that and start in the present. I think present might be better. :)

Have a great day!!

Your blogger - Joylin