Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dachshund Puppies

Yes, we now have two more dogs, for the time being anyway.
How we got them? Mom and us girls went to some yard sales. On the way to one, these dogs ran out in front of us at a stop sign. They obviously were lost and looked so frightened. Being the animal lovers that we are, feeling sorry for them we picked them up and called the number on the tag, which was a vet number. Anyway the vet gave us someones number. We called and the woman said that yes, she did know who the dogs belonged to, but she said that they hadn't been being treated right and that they hardly ever got food or water, (That explained why they were so skinny.) being chained out in the back of someones yard. So she said, "Either I will come pick them up and take them to the animal shelter myself or you can take them home. So we decided to take them home with us. We thought that we might try to find a good home for them, but as far as it looks we are getting attached to them and they to us. So for now they will be staying! The woman knew quite a bit about them, ages, names, etc...

This is Blinky. Was Slinky, named off of Toy Story, but everyone seemed to end up calling Him blinky. We tryed changing his name, but haven't found any that quite fit yet. He is a two month old little male, and is still full of puppy smells and fun.
Angel is older, 11 month old female, but she is still a fun loving puppy as well.


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