Saturday, July 30, 2011

God is a God of Variety

Today I was going through my clothes trying to decide what to  pack for camp or what not to pack. And while I am packing Mom who is standing there watching me mentions, "You really like greys, blacks and very bright colors don't you?" I looked down to notice that that was about all I had packed and said, "yeah I guess I do!" And Mom goes, "grey isn't the prettiest color, but maybe you see it in a different way then I do." Then she came up with the funniest thought. She mentions, "Maybe your color blind and we don't know it?!" lol (she was only joking)...  At first I laughed and then I started to think, you know, what if I really was color blind and didn't know it! So I was like "hey Mom what color are these socks?" and shes like "grey." haha I said, "that doesn't help much!" And then Jessica comes in and she says "grey is a little bit of black mixed with a little bit of white. I started to laugh and said, "forget it, I know I am not color blind!" lol It was just kinda funny though to think that what if you were and didn't know it, but I know there are ways of telling that you are, and thankfully I am not color blind! :))
Yes, I love bright colors and I love taking pictures of bright things! :) But you know like Brother Branham said, "If God only had white flowers, we would think He was, just believe, just wanted one color. But He has white flowers, red flowers, blue flowers, all kinds of flowers. That's the way He made His people: white, black, brown, yellow, all different colors. God is a God of variety. He loves it. He makes big mountains and little mountains. He makes prairies; He makes deserts; He makes the lakes, the seas, big trees, little trees. He's a God of variety; He makes us the way we are."

God knew exactly what I was going to be like, what my likes and dislikes were going to be before the foundation of the world! :)

I don't know about you, but that makes me feel pretty special!! That even if I may have different likes and different tastes then some people, I am exactly the way the Lord wants me to be! You know, look at all the different people He made, and there is hardly a one that looks like the other. God could of made us all look the same, all have the same tastes, all have the same ambitions, same dreams, etc.. But God likes variety

Just look around and you can see that God is a God of variety. For instance - the different countries. Everyone has different landscapes, people, languages, climates, cultures, religions, creatures. Just so many different things!   

All I can say is that it's an AMAZING work of our Creator !

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dog Makeover...

This afternoon I had two dogs to clip. One that I had done before and the one above that a border patrol brought by. So that is what I was up too this afternoon.

My excuse for not posting in a long time? Same as always... "been busy" :) I am sure some of you have gotten really tired of checking my blog and not finding anything new! :/ I will try to do better. :)

Camp starts in 11 days and I am so excited!! The scary thought is that I haven't even started to pack! :O The whole family (including my brother-in-law) are going all the way to Pennsylvania in our 11 passenger van, one seat less then what we need. Sounds fun don't it?! :) We are leaving on the fourth or the fifth of next month and not coming home until the end of August. I am so looking forward to a vacation! Only I will miss my friends! :( But I must admit a morning of being able to sleep in till 7 and not be woken up at 5:30 by dogs barking will be awesome! Sounds like paradise!! :) Road trips are always fun, seeing knew things and getting to see people along the way always gives perfect picture opportunities, only I don't always take advantage of them. I will try my best though, that is when I find the time. :) It will be great to see Grandpa and Grandma and all the relatives in Pennsylvania again. I think the last time I was back there was in 2009, so it has been a few years.. We are going to try an make a trip to the ocean while we are back there, and  I am excited about that, since I have never seen it before. My goal is to make a scrapbook of the trip, but we'll see what comes of that. :)

Well Mom has supper on the table and is calling for me to come. I will try to post some before we leave on the trip, but no promises!

Have a GREAT week!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trials are more precious to us than gold...

This may find you down or gloomy, but just remember that there is a God that is taking care of your life. You should never have to be down in anyway. God is in control and will plan your life out the way he wants it to be. So just for a little pointer, SMILE, be HAPPY, be THANKFUL for the trials that you have to go through. Life isn't going to be full of perfect times, perfect people. Every one is going to be different, have different tastes, and different theories. God isn't going to let us go through life without a trial. And he sends them to us to mold us and make us stronger through each one. Never forget that God doesn't put you through something that you cannot handle. Thank God for your trials and one day you will look back and understand and see the reason he gave it to you, and you will be happy for it! Always be who you are know matter what comes your way. God made you the way He wanted you to be, so don't try to be someone else. God made you the way you are for a reason!

A quote by William Marrion Branham...
It is written in one of the Scriptures in the Bible, that, "Trials are brought upon us, are more precious to us than gold itself, for it is God giving us these trials." After we become His property, our confession, and our baptism, and our promise to walk in life for Him, then every trial that comes upon us is to perfect us for His glory. It's to bring us to a place where God can make Himself more real to us than He was before the trial come.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Something is Better Then Nothing..

I know i haven't posted in a while so here are some more random pictures from here and there that just seem to stack up in some folder on the computer, doing nobody any good. So you may as well take a look at them before I decide to do something else with them. :)
::Lucky - a parrot we got to keep for a week::

Life has been really awesome of late! Spent last weekend with awesome people and had a lot of fun!!! =)  Sorry I have no pics.. 

This week it seems everyone is going on vacation, which leaves us with 15 dogs by Friday. This morning we were up at quarter past 6:00 walking dogs. I think going on a walk early in the morning is always an awesome way to start your day! 

I love the monsoon clouds!

While out on a walk at Jaylon's house I so wanted to follow this path that one of the tires of the pivots made, but Justin wasn't in the mood for it, saying there are too many wild pigs in the corn patch. lol But someday I think it would be cool!

:: an old dead tree ::

A little note I left Jaylon before leaving :)

:: a cute little frog::

Well that's all for now, I need to go get some sewing done and my bed needs washed and the room cleaned. So ttyl! =)