Friday, April 29, 2011

Addicted to Facebook

Went to town with Mom, Jessica, and Joanna this morning, and we had a big day of shopping! It was a long day - but, I can't complain, cause I got to eat a icecream cone from McDonalds!! =D lol any ways I found this movie and it kinda reminded me of, well "me" lol... But I must say that I am not near this bad! lol :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011


This morning I clipped two dogs, I did not take pictures of them - for your sake of course lol -cause it can get rather boring after a while.. looking at dogs all the time!! :)

I am very excited to announce that Jessica, Jaylon and I have all been signed up for Still Waters Camp in August!! The site address is  Justin and Joanna also are going to be going to the camp in June. So we are all happy campers and can't wait till the time comes that we all can head out on our big adventure! :)
Is that rain?! Yes, it is rain, but the sad thing is this picture is a bit old and we haven't had any rain in a while. I can hardly wait to sit on the front porch again, watching the rain falling and breathing in that fresh smell that comes with every downpour! I also love thunder and lightning, especially the ones that send you running in side for shelter, but bring you back out with curiosity of how big and close the next one will be! Then the current goes out and you get to eat your supper by candle light.. so romantic!
This picture is not real clear since I took it through the window, but it was a rare one! :)

This is a friendship quilt patch that I made for my cousin's birthday. I have to confess.. I was supposed to have it finished and sent out on the 10th of this month, but I totally forgot about it until the 19th; right on her birthday. It then dawned on me that I had not even finished it yet. My bad... I then finished it the next day and got it sent off. So sorry it was late, Debra!! I will try to do better next time!! :)
I went fishing with Justin the other day and we caught a few fish, but then I couldn't resist the urge to stop to take a few pictures right before the sun set. I always like taking pictures then, cause everything seems to be so aglow with light and yet soft in color; without any harsh shadows.

While cleaning out the dog kennels I come across this little guy. He was so little - 5 inches at the most.

My cute little chickees with their Mommy!

Friday, April 22, 2011

This Post Has No Title!

Like this container of letters - my mind was all mixed up, and so I couldn't think of a decent title! :)

I have some very exciting news, that is if none of you haven't already heard it yet - I am going to be an Aunt! It is so exciting. And even better yet, it is supposed to be born right around my birthday!! =D

Life has been busy, at least this past week. We have been having dogs coming and going every day. Getting up at 6:30 every morning isn't always something to look forward too! But my time will come to sleep in.. that is to 7:30, any ways! lol I just found out that the dog that we have kept for a year now is going home tonight. After hauling him to the vets office every six weeks, I am ready for him to go home!  Last week I found a good home for our two Dachshunds, so now we are back down to having only 3 dogs!

 Lately I have been trying to accomplish a song on the piano. It is the first time that I have tried to learn a song by reading notes and at first it was a little tuff... and still is lol, but it is coming around... slowly! :)
I am also learning the flute, and so I made a goal to play it an hour out of each day, but I can't say that I always get it done.
Yesterday Mom, Joanna and I went into town and yes, I took my camera along. So if you have never been to our little town of Sunsites - I got a few pics for you!
::board walk::
*SwEeT tReAtS* our favorite place to go to get frozen yogurts! And if the owner is in - you sometimes get a free sample of her homemade fudge to go on top! :)

Ok.. we went to the Food Basket, and there was this cool little truck there. So just for the fun of it I took a picture of it. A guy come up to Mom and wondered if it was our truck, since I was taking a picture of it. haha

Well thats all for now! And to all my friends that are out of town - Miss all you guys and can't wait till you all get back! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Best Friends...

God chose and knew who would be our closest friends here on earth. He knew that we would need someone to talk to, laugh with, and cry with. God has given me the best Pal I could've ever wanted, and I thank Him every day for it!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Little Happy With The Camera..


A little tip on taking pictures - take them when the sun is going down. I love to take pictures then!