Friday, April 22, 2011

This Post Has No Title!

Like this container of letters - my mind was all mixed up, and so I couldn't think of a decent title! :)

I have some very exciting news, that is if none of you haven't already heard it yet - I am going to be an Aunt! It is so exciting. And even better yet, it is supposed to be born right around my birthday!! =D

Life has been busy, at least this past week. We have been having dogs coming and going every day. Getting up at 6:30 every morning isn't always something to look forward too! But my time will come to sleep in.. that is to 7:30, any ways! lol I just found out that the dog that we have kept for a year now is going home tonight. After hauling him to the vets office every six weeks, I am ready for him to go home!  Last week I found a good home for our two Dachshunds, so now we are back down to having only 3 dogs!

 Lately I have been trying to accomplish a song on the piano. It is the first time that I have tried to learn a song by reading notes and at first it was a little tuff... and still is lol, but it is coming around... slowly! :)
I am also learning the flute, and so I made a goal to play it an hour out of each day, but I can't say that I always get it done.
Yesterday Mom, Joanna and I went into town and yes, I took my camera along. So if you have never been to our little town of Sunsites - I got a few pics for you!
::board walk::
*SwEeT tReAtS* our favorite place to go to get frozen yogurts! And if the owner is in - you sometimes get a free sample of her homemade fudge to go on top! :)

Ok.. we went to the Food Basket, and there was this cool little truck there. So just for the fun of it I took a picture of it. A guy come up to Mom and wondered if it was our truck, since I was taking a picture of it. haha

Well thats all for now! And to all my friends that are out of town - Miss all you guys and can't wait till you all get back! :)


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  2. An aunt!! That is so exciting! Lovely pictures as always... the last picture is really unique. :) I've never had one of Sweet Treat's frozen yogurts, but their fudge is SO yummy!

    PS. sorry about the comment I deleted. I wanted to add another little bit to it. :-)

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