Thursday, April 28, 2011


This morning I clipped two dogs, I did not take pictures of them - for your sake of course lol -cause it can get rather boring after a while.. looking at dogs all the time!! :)

I am very excited to announce that Jessica, Jaylon and I have all been signed up for Still Waters Camp in August!! The site address is  Justin and Joanna also are going to be going to the camp in June. So we are all happy campers and can't wait till the time comes that we all can head out on our big adventure! :)
Is that rain?! Yes, it is rain, but the sad thing is this picture is a bit old and we haven't had any rain in a while. I can hardly wait to sit on the front porch again, watching the rain falling and breathing in that fresh smell that comes with every downpour! I also love thunder and lightning, especially the ones that send you running in side for shelter, but bring you back out with curiosity of how big and close the next one will be! Then the current goes out and you get to eat your supper by candle light.. so romantic!
This picture is not real clear since I took it through the window, but it was a rare one! :)

This is a friendship quilt patch that I made for my cousin's birthday. I have to confess.. I was supposed to have it finished and sent out on the 10th of this month, but I totally forgot about it until the 19th; right on her birthday. It then dawned on me that I had not even finished it yet. My bad... I then finished it the next day and got it sent off. So sorry it was late, Debra!! I will try to do better next time!! :)
I went fishing with Justin the other day and we caught a few fish, but then I couldn't resist the urge to stop to take a few pictures right before the sun set. I always like taking pictures then, cause everything seems to be so aglow with light and yet soft in color; without any harsh shadows.

While cleaning out the dog kennels I come across this little guy. He was so little - 5 inches at the most.

My cute little chickees with their Mommy!

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