Friday, December 9, 2011

The Time Comes....

Sorry guys, I didn't really notice how long it has actually been since I've posted on here. You are all probably tired of clicking up the page to only find that nothing new has been posted. Anyway, I know I would get tired of doing that!! I have really been involved in the family blog, keeping it from getting blah. It seems there is just always something else to do other then put a post on here. But the time comes when you either post again, or forget blogging, right!? So I decide to post again... and I will try to do better. I know, you are probably like, "wow, she always says that," but seriously I will try! :)

The most exciting thing about my life, is that I am finally an aunt to the most Precious Little Boy ever. Little Micah David came to Join our family on December 6, 2011 at 4:26 in the evening. He decided to come two days after my birthday. I was hoping that he would come a bit sooner, but I guess he decided to wait. You know, when boys get their mind set it is a little hard to change it. :) You probably all saw pictures of him on the family blog, but I couldn't resist posting another one! :)

Thursday Jessica and I started a cleaning job. It is a very large house, and it kept both of us stepping to get the main cleaning done within 4 hours. The elderly couple that live there have a hard time picking up after themselves and the former house cleaner had not been able to come in for an entire month, so... you can only imagine how dirty it was. When we were done cleaning we carried 6 garbage bags of trash out to the trash can. It was kinda disgusting, cause they have a sick cat, and it just seemed to be that it never landed its business in the right spot. I spent some times scrubbing some rugs outside. Tools I used!? Water hose and brush. But it was worth all of it to leave and see how happy they were with a fresh, clean house to live in for the next two weeks. Doing things for others who are less fortunate then us is a blessing in its self. The elderly couple are hard at hearing, so it was kind of funny when the little old women started yelling at the old man for something. He didn't get what she was trying to say, so they went, marching through the house The little old lady in the lead, clothed still in her night clothes, which only came to the knees, bare footed and her hair sticking every which way. The argument finally was ended when a little paper was retrieved from a full trash bag that we had just emptied the trash cans into. I had to catch myself to keep from laughing. I had to hope that I would never be like that when I get older. Older people can be so comical sometimes! haha :) 

I am really enjoying the winter days. My most reason for liking them? I think it would be that I get to wear hoodies. I don't no why, but I am totally enthralled by them. I have to watch myself or I would end up with a hole closet full, and that wouldn't be very sensible! :/

I need to stop blabbing, but I just feel like typing right now. Things are going through the back of my head; worth while things, such as I instead of sitting here on the computer I could be doing something profitable. Know what that is?! Course not, I haven't told you yet. :} Ok, here it goes. Practicing my flute would be very profitable, cause I am going to be playing it for our Christmas program.You might say, "that isn't very profitable," but just think about it in this way. Maybe I will get up there and play my flute in front of all those people. Nerve racking time, I know. Until you stop and think about who you are playing it for. It isn't for me! That's for sure. It is for all those people out there who might not have the privilege of knowing the Lord like I do. Maybe it will help a soul that needs cheering up. Lift someones spirit and give them a new look on life. I just pray that they can see Jesus in me. Ok, another thing I could be doing that would be more profitable?! Lets see... How about putting all those pictures that are laying around into my scrapbook. I think that would be very profitable, cause then they wouldn't just be laying around getting in every ones way. It would make more space on my craft table and then I would have some free space to move around. I know, Jessica would like if I finally got that finished.. Another thing that would be profitable?! Would be CRAFTS. Yes, those things that you start and never seem to finish. Cause after a week or so of enthusiasm, you get bored of doing the same things. So you pack it all away. And there it sits, forgotten and taking up space.

Ok, that's it!! Enough talking about it.. I am going to go get busy doing something. Not sure what, but something...

Don't blame you if you didn't read it the whole way through.. 

Have a great week, guys!!! =D  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Lil' Job

A little while back Joshua and I went to a job with Dad. I found these pictures and thought I would post!

There was a pond there and the work was slow, so Joshua and I spent time feeding the fish and trying to catch a bull frog, which was  a complete fail!

Our job was to put a screw in everyone of these boards...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Card Making

Sarah Simmons came and stayed a day with me, so in our frenzy to try and find something to do we decided on card making. It was a lot of fuN!

One of my cards.
Having fun taking pictures... :))

All the cards that we made.

... and Sarah's!
Need something to do? Come over and we will make cards! :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hiking The Ridge

Yes, fall is here and I didn't really start to realize it till the other day. Joanna and I were going up to the foot hills to hike the ridge, Justin just got home from work so he ended up going with us. Anyway, back to what I was saying, we went up there to hike and the Ocitillas were all drying up and turning yellow. The sun was starting on its long decent down to hide itself behind the mountain, turning them all a brilliant orange and yellow. It was so pretty, that I think I got a little too many pictures of them. I couldn't resist!

We drove up to the top of the hill on our dirt bike and quad and then hiked a ways farther up the ridge. We didn't get very far though, too many cacti, so we ended up just sitting up there having a good brotherly - sister talk. You know, every family needs one of those at times. It tends to draw you closer together, making you the best of friends!

The awesome view!

Some photos of us...

There is a place up in the hills where there is an old bin thing that they used to use when they mined up there. Don't know if that makes sense, but I am sitting here racking my brain trying to think of what they are called and I can't think of it. It is one of those things they put rocks into the top and it runs down chutes into carts at the bottom. It is a pretty cool place and we went and climbed all over it.

It is kinda scary on top as the boards are a bit weak from age.
Owls live in it, so you can imagine what all is down inside of it.
My awesome brother!
After wards we all spread across the hill and had quiet time. Was a good day!! :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I've Been Thinking

I've been thinking lately about how sometimes you feel up and sometimes you feel down. How some people are good and some are bad. Your likes your dislikes, moods and manners, friends or foes, life and death, the choices that we make in life, the thoughts that sometimes go through our head that we would never speak out loud, how mixed up and confused this world is, somethings in life we just don't know about and totally feel lost on the subject, feelings that go wild and you don't know the reason. It's us, human bodies that are here on this earth, never knowing which way it is going to turn, or what might be the next trial it has to go through, or what fate it might experience next. No one knows the hurt that some people feel, the pain that they keep inside, something that might have of happened from the pass, or losing of a loved one. The confusing part of our brains that just seem to confuse us even more when we try to figure out the problem. It is hard sometimes, I know. I have been through that hurt, where you feel know one cares, the thought that passes your brain that maybe somewhere, somehow you have gone wrong. You just have to stop and make yourself stop thinking, cause I am finding out that there is know ending to it. Putting your trust in God is the only way I have found comfort in times like these. His endless mercy and grace has pulled me through when ever I was low. It rests my sense of thinking to know that He is in control of all my problems, and my life is in His hands. The importance of knowing what His will is for our lives is very great! If you start to feel out of His will, stop and wait for him to show you His will. It is not worth the cost of heart ache that you have to go through. My only purpose in life right now is to find out that perfect will for my future. Without it I have no hope! 
God bless you all!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Favorite Shots from the Trip

1. ::still waters lake::
4. :: racing::
5. ::team lima::
.7 ::thoughts::
.9 ::archery::
11. ::good times::

13. ::letters of thanks::
14. ::haha::
15. ::sharon::
16. ::sisters in Christ::
20. ::mist from the lake::
21. ::biscuit::
 .25                  .26

31. ::Kaitlyn's photography:: ;)
 33.        34. 

35. ::ocean::
37. ::jelly fish::


42. ::footprints in the sands of time::
62. ::cousins::