Monday, January 31, 2011


Grace Yeske is here from Texas and is spending a week at our house. We are having a LOT of fun! =]

Justin wanted to go fishing so bad but at the moment it was dark out, so he threw out his line anyway and he caught a SHOE!! LOL  Great catch! =/

Jesse the cutest little boy ever! "SwEeT DrEaMs" =D

A awesome random picture of Joanna....

My friend & I goofin' off lol

Lovely times with Grace... =D  OUCH jk

Friends 4 Ever!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Going Fishing

This is our neighbors pond where we go fishing! I know - it is small, but there are a lot of fish in it.
Justin and I went fishing one evening and it was freezing cold, but we stayed till the sun went down and it started to get dark. The pole I was using just kinda stopped working correctly, so we were using one - taking turns. Right as the sun was going down we were pulling in fish as soon as we would throw out the line.
Now I have gone fishing a few other times, but never caught a fish in my life. Sounds bad.. me being 17 and never catching a fish!! Well, any how it just happened that I caught a fish. A small one, but at least it was a fish! LOL

Pulling one in.

We caught 9 all together not counting the ones that got away. The boys have caught pretty big bass in this pond before, but we just caught Blue Gill and Sun Fish. I fried them up for lunch next day. So G00D! :D

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Starting another counted cross-stitch...

I love to do counted cross stitches! This 14"x 11" Regal Tiger took me two years to complete. It was the third cross stitch that I have ever done. I finished it a couple of years ago.

I took it to the Cochise County Fair and won best of show.

Next I did this small one for Jenny & Micah's wedding gift.
This year I am starting another one. It is 3" bigger then the tiger one I did. It is kinda hard to see what I have already done, cause the colors match the cloth. But there are four different colors here. Mom and Dad gave it to me as a late birthday present.. Blame the slow mail man!  I have always wanted to do this one. Saw it in a catalog a long time ago, but then I wasn't able to find it until a couple months ago. Found it somewhere on the internet and was very happy! =]
This is the chart for just the top left hand corner. I have decided to keep it a secret of what it is going to be.

Maybe you can guess by the colors of the thread? Well, maybe not. =] I am going to try to get it done by fair time this year. That means that I will have to complete a page every month until September. That will keep me busy!!
I made this bag with a drawl string to store it in.

Monday, January 10, 2011


:: a silent peaceful moment ::
:: always follow the signs that take you home ::
:: in the eyes of death ::
:: always be strong - no matter the size ::
:: you tend to get a wormy feeling ::
:: fresh crisp morning ::
:: barbed wire ::
:: hop like a frog - sing like a bird ::
:: a heart that always loves experiences great happiness :: 
:: sparklers of joy::
:: the faithful morning glory coming out every morning ::
:: too many legs make me shiver ::
:: there has to be a sunset to bring a sunrise::
:: beauty is a plants only thought ::
:: sweeter then honey in the honey comb::

Friday, January 7, 2011

Cleaning the Boyz room...

Boys are... well boys are just boys when it comes to keeping up with their room! And maybe my brothers are worse then some, but they have other things to think about. LOL For instance.. running out the door, in the morning, still in their pajamas, in their bare feet, with their pellet guns, hoping to find the same bird that they spotted out of their bedroom window! Brothers may not be good at keeping up their room, but they are good at making life a fun enjoyable one.. =]
Mom sent me to clean up the boys room, and at the same time look for a tooth Jesse lost out of his collection, which was like looking for a needle in a hay stack, and Joshua's knife that seemingly just disappeared. I cleaned under the beds, etc.. but didn't come up with anything other then plenty of *wonderful* dust bunnies. :/



 At least the room looked better when I was done! =D