Thursday, January 27, 2011

Going Fishing

This is our neighbors pond where we go fishing! I know - it is small, but there are a lot of fish in it.
Justin and I went fishing one evening and it was freezing cold, but we stayed till the sun went down and it started to get dark. The pole I was using just kinda stopped working correctly, so we were using one - taking turns. Right as the sun was going down we were pulling in fish as soon as we would throw out the line.
Now I have gone fishing a few other times, but never caught a fish in my life. Sounds bad.. me being 17 and never catching a fish!! Well, any how it just happened that I caught a fish. A small one, but at least it was a fish! LOL

Pulling one in.

We caught 9 all together not counting the ones that got away. The boys have caught pretty big bass in this pond before, but we just caught Blue Gill and Sun Fish. I fried them up for lunch next day. So G00D! :D

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  1. Looks fun!!! hahaha that is to funny (there was a picture of Justin here) haha you will just have to send the picture in a forward email then he can't delete it haha ;)