Thursday, January 20, 2011

Starting another counted cross-stitch...

I love to do counted cross stitches! This 14"x 11" Regal Tiger took me two years to complete. It was the third cross stitch that I have ever done. I finished it a couple of years ago.

I took it to the Cochise County Fair and won best of show.

Next I did this small one for Jenny & Micah's wedding gift.
This year I am starting another one. It is 3" bigger then the tiger one I did. It is kinda hard to see what I have already done, cause the colors match the cloth. But there are four different colors here. Mom and Dad gave it to me as a late birthday present.. Blame the slow mail man!  I have always wanted to do this one. Saw it in a catalog a long time ago, but then I wasn't able to find it until a couple months ago. Found it somewhere on the internet and was very happy! =]
This is the chart for just the top left hand corner. I have decided to keep it a secret of what it is going to be.

Maybe you can guess by the colors of the thread? Well, maybe not. =] I am going to try to get it done by fair time this year. That means that I will have to complete a page every month until September. That will keep me busy!!
I made this bag with a drawl string to store it in.

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