Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I've Been Thinking

I've been thinking lately about how sometimes you feel up and sometimes you feel down. How some people are good and some are bad. Your likes your dislikes, moods and manners, friends or foes, life and death, the choices that we make in life, the thoughts that sometimes go through our head that we would never speak out loud, how mixed up and confused this world is, somethings in life we just don't know about and totally feel lost on the subject, feelings that go wild and you don't know the reason. It's us, human bodies that are here on this earth, never knowing which way it is going to turn, or what might be the next trial it has to go through, or what fate it might experience next. No one knows the hurt that some people feel, the pain that they keep inside, something that might have of happened from the pass, or losing of a loved one. The confusing part of our brains that just seem to confuse us even more when we try to figure out the problem. It is hard sometimes, I know. I have been through that hurt, where you feel know one cares, the thought that passes your brain that maybe somewhere, somehow you have gone wrong. You just have to stop and make yourself stop thinking, cause I am finding out that there is know ending to it. Putting your trust in God is the only way I have found comfort in times like these. His endless mercy and grace has pulled me through when ever I was low. It rests my sense of thinking to know that He is in control of all my problems, and my life is in His hands. The importance of knowing what His will is for our lives is very great! If you start to feel out of His will, stop and wait for him to show you His will. It is not worth the cost of heart ache that you have to go through. My only purpose in life right now is to find out that perfect will for my future. Without it I have no hope! 
God bless you all!!


  1. Nice....
    Btw how did you do your header!?!? LOVE IT!

  2. The header is really simple. Just go to and make a picture collage. :)