Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pal @ my HOUSE!!

I was so excited to bring Pal home with me when we went down to see Jenny on Wednesday. On the way home we stopped in at the Jones and we got to try out their two seater bike. Was kinda fun and scary! :) lol
Pal picking strawberries with the little boys.
humphry tumphry.. hi to y'all from us to you... ok was not my idea of a pic, but Pal insisted. lol
So yes, as you can see we have been really enjoying our time together!! :)
On Friday, Justin and us road the quad and dirt bike up to Butterfield Stage Coach Stop. 

The rock wall is the remains of the old station.

Pal honoring the dead. lol jk what she was really doing was reading the names on the crosses in front of the graves.

There are four graves of men who were killed by the Indians.

ah haha Justin trying to run from camera... lol

Yup thats us lol being who we are!

Pals FoReVeR!!
"haha.. that was funny!"

We went fishing one day and didn't catch very many fish.. But we went again the next day and caught quite a few.
Pal fishing in the bucket just for the fun of it, since she wasn't catching any at the moment lol 
We are great fisherwomen.... lol jk =D
We catch very large fish!! 
Ok we admit, we are not that good at it. But we have fun any way! :)

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