Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trip to Texas

Yes, I am back. I am sure that some of you were wondering what was going on with me not posting. Well, I have been posting on my family blog, so I decided there wasn't really the need to post the same pictures on both blogs. If you haven't already saw the pictures on my family blog you can go there by clicking this link There are some pictures that I didn't put on my families blog, and some that I have that I posted, so enjoy! :)

:: a sunrise in Texas::
 The setting of the sun always is a sign that you are coming to the end of another day. Have you ever thought back over the day that you have just lived and wondered if you did all you could to help make it a pleasant day for all who are around you? It is just a thought that came to my mind. Just to think that you can never live that day over again. It is only one chance in a life time, so you may as well live it as if it is your last! :) But the rising of the sun always tells us that a new day is at hand. Another day that God has allowed for us to live in. After the wonderful meetings at the camp in Texas, I don't know about you, but I know that I want to do all I can to please the One who created me. Nothing else matters! The Lord is helping me to find love in my heart for everyone. It is so hard for some of us to find love for one another, just because of the way that they treat us, or they don't live the same life as we do, or they might not do something quite the way we would do it..  It is easy for the Devil to be able to put such things in our mind, and then we tend to forget, that God loves them as much as He loves us. I am learning not to criticize others when you don't know what they have been through, or what they are going through. We may never know, so I found the simplest remedy for the problem. If you can find that unconditional love in your heart for them people, you find time to spend on your knees praying for them. God is a God of love and he will take care of every problem. Just leave it in His hands!!
We had an awesome time on our trip! Real true family time. We took our motor home, so we had our little home on wheels. :) It was a lot of fun. 

The motor home was a little squished at night, but we managed not to get on each others bad sides! ;)
My opinion of Texas?! Texas is very pretty in its own flat, green way! It was very hot though and the roads seem to stretch out across the land and just go no where. But it was ok! :)
Visiting with friends was one of the high lights of our trip. You never know how much you really miss them until you start on your long way home - taking you farther and farther away from them.
::good laughter::


"Laura I know that you will probably be one of the first people to be looking at this post, so just wanted to tell you that it was nice meeting you and I miss being with you! Can't wait till you guys come see us!"

I had a wonderful trip! The Lord blessed me and my family and I will never forget it! :)

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