Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friends & Family

A friend is a person who you can trust, With your deepest secrets, that is a must. Your heart is shared with this special friend, For this is the person your life may depend. On helping you through good and bad, And making you smile when you are sad. When you feel that you have reached the end, pulling you through is your special friend. Lending their hand, and shoulder too, Is what a friend will always do. A friend will know when something is not right. And be there to help you and show you the light. Laughing and crying together you will, An empty void, a friend can fill. With the hugs and the talks their goal will be, To help you smile and help you see. Good times are plenty and better each day, As you honor your friend, when you get down and pray. Your special friend is part of you. When you are hurting they are too. Down the path of life together, You and your friend will be forever. Sharing all with each other, But being careful not to smother. For good or bad your friend will be there, Because this is a friend , some who cares! But most of all God is the One who holds our friendship together! love you.

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  1. Love this post!!!!!!!!! the pics turned out awesome!! haha love the pic of you and Justin! he always has the best poses haha