Thursday, February 3, 2011

MoRe FuN PiCtuReS

Here are some more pictures of us having fun with Grace.. 

We have been stuck in the house ever since she got here cause of the cold weather. So we are not getting to do some of the things that we would have of liked to do, such as, going to the train tracks, going quading, looking at the pig lol and everything else that you can do outside. So instead we have done some baking, going shopping, getting on facebook, taking pictures, laughing, talking, eating, sleeping... ok - guess you could say that we are just being plain lazy. lol 

She was begging for more cookie dough and I wouldn't give her any lol so she threated to beat me up lol jk 

Laughing =D


Yummy peanut butter bars that we made.

Arizona snow.... Marshmallows :)

Having fun shopping with Jenny! =]

More snow?? No its icecream lol we got some even though it was freezing outside lol

And of course not to forget the many back massages that Grace has been giving us!

Until next time folks.. Don't freeze and keep up good spirits, cause this cold weather will come to an end one of these days.


  1. lol, you, Grace and Joanna are so fun!

  2. That was a LOT of fun when you guys came over!!
    We should get together more often!!