Friday, August 26, 2011

And I Am Back!

Yup, that's right! Back to the blogging world again. I must admit I did actually miss it, but the break was nice. :) The Lord blessed me and my family with an AmAzing vacation. It was so awesome just to watch and see what He had in store for us around every corner of our journey. Meeting people from everywhere, and getting to witness to them about our Lord Jesus Christ and the Prophet that He sent to us. Once He even had a sheriff stop us to tell us that our trailer cords were hanging too close to the ground and Dad got to witness to Him and he took a whole hand full of message books. I believe the Lord had our entire trip planned for us before we even left home. It was just makes me so excited to know that we have a true living God that already has our life planned out for us and we never have to worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself! I really enjoyed the whole trip, but my favorite part was camp. A place where we got to be away from this world, and just got to spend time with the Lord, alone! He is so good to us and I can't help but be excited about it!! =D  
I really enjoyed taking pictures, and when I got home I loaded them all onto the computer, and I found out that I had 1,948 pictures! I was like, "whoa!!" I knew I was taking a lot of pictures, but not that many! :O lol Any way, I am going to try and get some of them posted on my families blog, so if you want to see pictures go to! I will try to post some pics on here a little later. :) 

Have a good weekend everyone!! =D

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  1. I'm glad ya'll had a nice vacation! It sounds like it was a ton of fun!! :)