Monday, September 12, 2011

The Fun of Being Together

Ok you all, I am back again!! I took a look at my blog today and saw how lonely it was becoming, so I thought if I didn't post something soon it might just disappear! Ok, I didn't think it would disappear, but anyways... here is a post! :)
Talking to Brittney and Rachel over skype.
Friday Meda, Lois, Ruthanna and Amanda came and stayed some of a day, a night and the next day with us.
We were trying to find something fun to do, so we went outside and some of the girls played a little bit of ping-pong. After that we all went and jumped on the trampoline in a down pour and got soaked. The idea came up of walking to the train tracks in the rain, but that didn't go very far when we thought about how dark, rainy, and how far it was from our house. It would've of been one wet trek, but it also would've been really fun!!! :)
haha The stare down!!.. I think I won :) lol

Hot chocolate!!
Playing Dutch Blitz! We all didn't get to bed till three in the morning....:/
The next day we all went out to the train tracks and the girls got some pictures.
Meda and Jessica
Lois and Joanna
Amanda and Meda

Had an awesome time on the quad.. only we really needed more then one! It was really funny cause I wanted to take Amanda down to a certain spot in the tracks, but I was running out of gas. Ruthanna and I went back to the house and finding no gas sitting around we decided to siphon some from the van. Well, we couldn't get that to work so we went and tried our car. Well we couldn't get that to work either. :/ Out of options we looked around for what other supply of gas we could find and found Isaac's car. So we tried our hardest to get that to work too, but didn't..... We ended up not going cause we couldn't find any gas. Then on the way back down to Sierra Vista that evening we stopped to fill up the car at a gas station. Amanda goes to the gas pump and Meda says, "No, this car takes diesel!" Ruthanna and I get this real worried look on our face and we both say, "diesel?"... man, if we had got the siphoning to work we would of put it in the quad.. and probably ruined the engine! lol So it was just great that we didn't get it to work!! :) haha

Amanda was crazy... she was like doing these really high jumps!
Go Amanda!!!
Jessica and Ruthanna
Just to let you know Meda, I got my post on before you did!! :) 
All seven of us squished into Isaac's little car and drove back to Sierra Vista. On the way we went through a really bad storm. Hail balls the size of marbles! Anyway after the storm was passed by we all went to McDonalds for an icecream cone. Well, Amanda was still getting used to a stick shift and so she didn't know how to put the car into reverse after parking it. So she had to put the car in neutral and us girls got out and pushed the car out of the parking spot. Was really funny!!

Was a really fun weekend!! 


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Amanda, you are so dangerous!


  2. I love how Meda's profile is reflected on the tracks! You have such an eye for photography!


  3. thanx for the compliment, Kaitlyn, but I wasn't at the tracks when the girls were taking pictures, so not sure who took them. :)