Friday, September 16, 2011

More Fun with Friends From Indiana

Reuben, Ruthanna and Amanda are out here from Indiana, so on Tuesday Jaylon, Justin and I went hiking with them and the Hydes. We had a ton of fun!!
God's world is so big, so magnificent, and to be up so high and looking down on all that is around is breath taking. Makes one feel very small!!
The view was awesome!

Us girls...
It was quite the climb, so we all took a rest at the top.
We all had a turn at shooting.
Meda and I
Shooting skeet!

The boys brought down their dirt bikes and my quad. We didn't get to do to much riding cause it rained quite a bit! But they had fun riding the little time that they did!
The best part of the two days we were there, was the time that we spent together!! :)


  1. Looks like sooo much fun!!! Wish I were there with y'all!