Monday, January 23, 2012

A Bit Different

I got these pictures off the computer.

 Since Jessica will soon be moving out of our bedroom, Joanna and I have been kinda remodeling. We are also doing the bathroom. You know how it gets, when you get tired of the same ol' thing. Our bathroom is decorated in fish and shells and I decided to do something a bit different. Being that the walls are purple, and I didn't really want to take the bother of painting them, I decided to work around it. What other colors would go good with purple? I came up with green and then somehow the idea came up of using bamboo along with it. I think the idea was inspired when I found a really cute glass hippo in a second hand store. It was so cute, I just couldn't pass it up. So now here I am, getting ready to decorate my bathroom in hippos, panda bears and bamboo. Like it? I know it sounds a little unusual, but hey, may as well do something a bit different! :) I think it will turn out cute. When I finally get this all put together, I will take pictures and post. As for now, I thought I would post pictures of two picture frames I made.

 I was going to go with posters, but the price was out of my range, so I found some pictures that I liked and printed them off the computer. I then slipped them into plastic sleeves, so that the moisture of the bathroom wouldn't warp them. I cut out cardboard for my frame and then took some bamboo that I had got at Michael's last time I was in town and cut it into small pieces and glued them one the bottom and the top of the frame. I cut longer pieces and glued them on the sides. I then added a string to hang it on and I had two really cute pictures for practically nothing. So next time you decide to spend money on things to decorate with, use your imagination and come up with something cute! :)

Sorry about the glare from my flash. Anyway these are the finished products! :)


  1. They look really cute! I love panda bears!

  2. That is REALLY AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can't wait to see it when its all done !!! =D

  3. Can't wait to see the finished product! Happy remodeling!!! :)