Friday, January 20, 2012

A Parting Party for Jessica

Jessica and her maid of honor, Meda.
All of us girls got together and spent part of a day and night together. 
Roseanna, Me and Pal (Adela)
On our way to eat out, in town.
Joanna and Lois
Waiting to be seated at La Casita Mexican resturant.
Meda has a relative that let us use his house that is sitting empty on the weekends on the ranch. It was a lot of fun having it all to ourselves. Jessica hadn't a clue where we were going to be staying, so from Meda's home we blindfolded her and drove her to the house. She was very surprised to see where we had brought her.

Meda and the girls went all out on the food! 

Still surprised!

Lois and Joanna

My Pal, Adela..

Joanna and Jessica

Matching skirts that Meda and Lois made for us all.
All of us girls.. you can kinda tell that we just woke up. Not to mention that we didn't get to bed till around 3:30 a.m.

"Run she is coming!!" playing tag around the house. Something to wake us up! :)

There I posted... even though I am feeling a little guilty about how long it has been.
Good night you all!


  1. Lol my favorite picture is the last one. :) Nice post!

  2. Lol! love the last picture! Where are all the marshmellow pictures??? :P


  3. Hey Joylin!
    Nice post!! I love the skirts! They are so cute!

  4. Thanks Jenny and Joanna

    *Kaitlyn* Those pictures were too gross to put on.. lol :))

  5. Aww... :) Liked the creative pictures.

  6. wow joanna and jessica look so much alike it so crazy..and i had a BLAST when i was there:D but i miss you all..