Wednesday, March 20, 2013

::my day::

What I did today...

I clipped a dog that I usually clip through the summer. Haven't seen him since last fall and he was in bad need of a cut.

I enjoyed listening to part of the Third Seal while clipping him... the advantages of having a brother that puts surround sound in the dog room!! :) This week Brother Joseph is having us listen to one Seal a day. So far I have been getting them all listened too! :)

This afternoon I took Irene to Benson to pick up a "few" things that she needed. We ended up in Walmart with a heaping cart of stuff that was nearly running over. I was glad of the free trip into town, cuz I needed to pick up some things as well. Got home and walked the dogs 1.5 miles.

So far that is what my day consisted of.. What did you all do today??


  1. Getting supplies for your week back out in the tepee with Irene? LOL JK!!!!! (I think it was a tepee you were gonna live in lol)
    Sounds like you've have a good day!


  2. We've been listening to the Seals every day too! here at my church. Been a real blessing.